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Celebration of Life

Planning a memorial is a complex task, made more difficult by the recent loss. Let Bright Ideas take care of the reception, so you aren’t trying to manage important details in a time of grieving.

Positive memories of a life well-lived. It’s how we want to see our loved ones remembered. It’s a legacy that’s easier to provide with Bright Ideas’ help.

It’s important for you and your family that a celebration of life offers comfort, because sincere remembrances lend strength in a difficult time. They leave a wonderful lasting memory for friends and loved ones. And they provide a measure of comfort against a shared grief. But with so much to think about, is it a good idea to take on even more, worrying about the countless details involved in planning an event? Don’t burden yourself in an already difficult time.

Bright Ideas’ experience can be something you can rely on, when everyone seems to be relying on you. We understand that any memorial for your loved one is your gift to their memory. It must be perfect. With your guidance regarding the tone and feel of the celebration, we’ll make the appropriate arrangements to create an event worthy of their memory.

With Bright Ideas expertise and organizational abilities you can concentrate on caring for your loved ones, looking after your own emotional needs, and making the necessary decisions for the future. We’ll deliver a farewell worthy of remembrance.

If you want help with an event, but not a full coordination package, be sure to consider our event consultation services. We can help you develop a production plan that combines our expertise and advice with your existing organizational resources.

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