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Audio / Visual - Professional lighting, sound, staging, and multi-media services.

Lighting, sound, and multi-media presentations are often the first thing to go wrong at a special event. Turning the CEO’s thank-you speech into a screech of feedback. The Powerpoint presentation that crashes halfway through. Microphones that aren’t turned on when they should be, or worse, left on and picking up every little comment, right when they shouldn’t be. These are common technical glitches can befall an otherwise great event… and have you wondering why the technology gods hate you so!

Thankfully, Bright Ideas works with Metro Vancouver’s most experienced staging and audio/visual suppliers. Technical issues are handled expertly long before the doors open. Our expert, experienced team has worked in Vancouver’s many venues, giving them the essential background knowledge to spot technical problems and deliver solutions. Whether you need a simple audio set-up to support a DJ playing background music, or complete graphic design and multi-media production services to create a full-blown audio-visual presentation for an annual convention or important product launch, your special event comes off without a hitch. You look like a genius. There’s nothing wrong with that picture.

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