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We’re considering a gala event for our company, but we are worried about the guests making the wrong choice or misjudging their blood alcohol level and driving home. What do you recommend?

Legal reasons are just one consideration with this important subject. The risks for individuals are obvious and it can reflect poorly on a company’s image as well. We’re glad that it’s on your event planning checklist. Here’s three solutions you can consider:


Shuttle Bus – Best for small events or when everyone lives in roughly the same geographic area, a shuttle bus is generally your most economical way to ensure a safe ride home. It can also add a fun, group dynamic to the evening.

Taxi Vouchers – You can arrange with your local cab company to accept vouchers to get guests back to their home. One down side… guests have to return later to pick up their car. Encourage them to choose transit, ride share, or take a taxi to the event.

Designated Driver Services – Combines the safety of a sober driver with the convenience of getting your vehicle home as well. In Canada, Operation Red Nose operates during the holiday season, donating proceeds to youth sports. There are also a number of commercial operators offering designated driver services.

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