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Hosting Your Event This Spring

Spring symbolizes new life & re-birth. The trees begin to bud, the crocuses are peeking from the earth and the longer days of light and sun re-energize us. In the spirit of the season, consider energizing the workplace environment with a corporate event this spring.

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Start Thinking Summer Events Now!

It’s winter on the West Coast. Which means rain. Lots of it. Instead of getting depressed over dreary weather, why not brighten your day a little by planning for your corporate summer event to boost your spirits? After all, if you want to ensure you have a good selection of the best locations,

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Five Steps to Outstanding Company Picnics

High Tea at Ascot” was a day fit for Kings and Queens. Guests arrived dressed in their best High Tea attire and were given a Racing Program for the Main Event. Activities included Royal Nail Art, Ascot Fashion, Her Majesty’s Artist, The Tea House

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Bring back the Company Picnic!

Have some fun in the sun with your colleagues. With summer upon us, a Company Picnic is the perfect way to reward the staff of your company. It’s family-friendly, a great way to get together away from the office, and the kind of event everyone can enjoy.

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How to Plan Your Annual Events

Whenever we meet with new clients, we always ask the following question… and almost always get the same answer.

Q: Tell me about your annual plan for your corporate events.

A: We don’t have a plan.

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Reboot and Rebook

So, it’s January. You just held your Annual Staff Christmas Party at a great venue and everyone had a fabulous time! Notes of congratulation and emails expressing how much fun people had are landing in your inbox on a daily basis.

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2015 Color of the Year – Marsala

Here at Bright Ideas Events, we must be clairvoyant! We have seen the future and we are clearly in fashion. The 2015 color of the year, according to Pantone – the company that is the go-to authority on color matching, is a deep rich shade of burgundy called ‘Marsala’...

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2015 – Year of the Sheep (Goat)

WOW, did 2014 ever fly by! We galloped from one event to the next with the speed of a thoroughbred racehorse. It was a busy year for Bright Ideas. Whether we were creating a West Coast Native intimate gathering or a week-long manager’s retreat, a steady stream of theme parties and corporate events kept us ‘in the saddle’

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Bright Ideas Events – 2014 Review

January: We produced a highly customized ‘Road Trip’ event, taking guests on a virtual journey to 4 four countries. Each country was represented with a unique colour, currency, dessert item, activity, entertainment, gas pump, and road sign. Guests were given road maps...

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