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Year of the Pig – Business Style!

The first day of the 2019 Chinese New Year is February 4th. This year will be in the sign of the Pig — Earth Pig, to be more exact. It brings plenty of new influences, especially for us in the business world of event organization. What will 2019 bring? What are going to be the strengths and weaknesses of this year and where are the pitfalls to watch out for? Let’s have a look!

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We Offer Event Consulting

Planning an event but don’t know where to begin or how to source the material you need? Already started but got stuck with all the party planning intricacies? Worry not. We have the ideal solution to help you with all of these things. And it’s coming soon!

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Great Gatsby Celebration

Oh, boy! Don’t 1920s sound amazing! Parties during the Roaring Twenties remain some of the most sensational, spectacular, over-the-top parties in history. The period when anything and everything seemed possible focused on celebrating life, liberating your post-war spirit from depression and embracing freedom in all its glory.

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Event Lighting

Whether you are orchestrating lighting for a large scale production or a small VIP event, setting the perfect atmosphere is vital to communicating your event theme to your audience. High-quality, theme-appropriate decorative lighting makes all the difference to your event environment.

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Venue Transformation

When we first paired with the challenging task our guests of honor had in store for us, we immediately recognized an opportunity to challenge ourselves into creating a spectacular, sizzling event everyone will talk about for a long time. The idea of our honorable guests was to get engaged in Miami; unfortunately, it was physically impossible for them to throw their engagement party in Florida,

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Celebration of Life Events

We understand life, and we understand love; we fear loss and fright the fear – and, in between all these hassles, we try to live as best as we can, as honorably as we’re capable. Living and loving, fearing and losing both come hand in hand, and when you’ve lived a life you wanted, you want to leave it the same manner as you’ve lived it – with your whole heart.

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Roaring 1920’s Soiree

Go decades back and step into the world of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, fiery flappers and the whimsy of the roaring ‘20s by throwing a party planned by Bright Ideas Events Ltd. We are the champions of décor and lighting concepts and are always on top of our game!

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Weave a Theme into Your Event

Every event is unique and one-of-a-kind. A good event has a breathtaking venue, tasty food and drinks, and numerous guests having a good time. But an event can be so much more than that. It can be memorable!

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Bring Las Vegas to Your Event

There’s rarely anything as glamorous, opulent and luxurious as a day (or a few days) in Vegas. The adrenaline boost complemented with spectacular visuals, sounds, smells and overall excitement that, at times, seems palpable are genuinely things you can only experience in Vegas, or are they?

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Grand Opening Events

If you’re launching a new business and want to provoke excitement and curiosity about your company, organizing a Grand Opening Celebration is the perfect way to do it. First impressions are everything.

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Fall Themed Corporate Events

As the weather gets cooler and leaves start to change their colors, everyone gets excited to start hosting fall celebrations. Autumn is the most visual of all seasons which makes it perfect for themed parties and events.

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Big Top Celebration

Big Top Celebration. Some parties you have to go to, and if you don’t – you have to let yourself enjoy the documented visuals that testify of the grandiose feel you’d missed. If you didn’t attend the International Live Events Society annual event, you missed a first-prize dazzling spectacle, awarding Bright Ideas Ltd honors for the best creativity and dazzling décor design in Big Top Celebration.

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