Roaring Twenties

Three undercover coppers burst into the room and announced the Raid for giggle juice and other funny business.  They began checking for illegal alcohol consumption, Mafioso-types, and criminals of any kind!  They roughed some people up, frisked others, took bribes, and swept the unlucky ones up in the dragnet and deposited in the jail where they will have to be sprung through community services, bribery, or old-fashioned jailbreak.

The Great Gatsby Gala

The venue was divided into two distinct areas to separate the dual themed event. Upon arrival, the guests were greeted to a true Roaring Twenties atmosphere complete with red feather vignettes, silver candelabras draped with white pearls and black feather boas. A swing band played in the background as guests were offered a signature drink. As the guests approached the brick wall facade, they provided the doorman the secret password to enter through the door.

Mumbai Delight

Founded in 1927, MDRT provides its members with resources to improve their technical knowledge, sales and client service while maintaining a culture of high ethical standards. In Vancouver, delegates were treated to a customized evening complete with Indian food and Bhangra Dancers.

Big Top Celebration

When you produce a special event for industry insiders, it had better be good. Bright Ideas rose to the occasion for the International Special Events Society annual event.

Fairway of Flavor

Recognizing an employee for 40 years of service demanded a custom event. Bright Ideas Event Coordinators created a theme perfect for such an occasion with Fairways of Flavour – a culinary trip through the decades, from the 70s to the present. The guest of honour’s love of golf and Arizona provided the theme, featured through tee flagsticks, native plants, and Southwestern decor at each of the food stations. His favourite foods were the inspiration for the menu.

Mardi Gras Madness

A Carnival celebration well-known throughout the world.  The origins of the Mardi Gras we celebrate today, with Kings & Queens, Mardi Gras colors and brass bands, are traced to New Orleans.  Guests at this Holiday Party were able to customize their own mask and enjoy the Mardi Gras fever.

Scenes of Nature

Guests gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery for a Gala evening with colleagues.  Four separate areas of the Art Gallery displayed a different season.  The most popular season was summer which showcased Mexican cuisine at its finest.

Go All In

Global software partners gathered for a fun filled Gala Awards Dinner at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Vancouver Hotel while enjoying a bit of friendly competition.

Five Decades of Fun

How to celebrate 50 years of country club history so that members of all ages can share the experience? We found the answer; Five Decades of Fun! Upon arrival guests spun the Wheel of Time to see which decade, from the 1960 to 2000, would be their entry into the club’s history. From there they enjoyed activities, food, and music particular to each era by visiting five different tents.

Gardening Green Picnic

Have a green thumb? Guests got the chance to show off their planting skills at the 16th Annual Client Appreciation Picnic held at the Brock House in Vancouver. After selecting their own personal basket and decorating it with their creative flair, guests “shopped” for plants to add to their basket. Adorable gardening sets were awarded to the top 3 baskets.

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