Imperial Visit

When Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan came to Vancouver for their first official visit together, Bright Ideas was awarded the task of ensuring the official arrival went off without a hitch. Accommodating the demands of security, protocol, media, and the public meant that every aspect of the visit had to be coordinated with a variety of government and other official organizations.

Tropical Paradise

Guests didn’t need to fly to Tahiti to get a taste of this Tropical Paradise. Grass skirts, daring fire-spinners, delicious tropical fruits and tasty appetizers all contributed to this event’s Polynesian feel. To join in the fun, guests were invited to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt, while hula dancers got everyone’s hips swinging during the evening’s entertainment.

Cirque du Hastings

The Grand Re-opening of Hasting Park was an event fit for the sport of kings! Cirque du Soleil-style entertainers dazzled the crowd while sumptuous décor transported guests into a world of glamour and magic. The magnificent 40 foot roller-coaster bar and slot machine ice carving delivering a jackpot of tiger prawns were the perfect décor highlights to showcase the expanded gaming facilities and a slice of local history in neighboring Playland’s world-famous wooden coaster.

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