Road Trip!

A great event is like a road trip. A few surprises turns average into extraordinary and makes for lasting memories. And the custom-designed and branded event for this client proved to be no exception. Their annual awards night event needed an overhaul.

Diamonds Are Forever

Bond. James Bond. Renowned for debonair sophistication, dry martinis, and good luck, whether he’s charming a beautiful woman, or going all in at the Baccarat Table. For the Diamonds Are Forever event, Agent 007 was the inspiration to reimagine a long-time client’s annual staff party, with all the luxurious touches James would expect. Event branding, décor, cuisine, and entertainment all reflected the Bond reputation for style and glamour.

1920’s Soiree

The 1920’s Soiree Christmas staff event delivered all of the luxurious touches we had planned. Through strategic decisions regarding the décor, we created a colourful and elegant tableau for guests to enjoy a sophisticated and entertaining event.

Christmas Around The World

A staff appreciation event that stands out requires innovation. Our client wanted more than a typical ‘Christmas’ party – guests talking shop over food and drink, or worse yet, skipping the event entirely. We delivered, with a pre-event email invite promoting a party not to be missed, opportunities for interactive fun, unique décor elements, and of course seasonal favourites such as a visit with Santa.

A Frosty Affair

Few things are so clean, crisp, and beautiful as light snowfall on sunny winter day. The glistening snow, bright blue sky, and gently falling flakes can warm the heart, even if there’s a chill in the air. For this Christmas Staff Party, we recreated the magic childhood memories of winter with our Snowflake Soiree.

The Great Gatsby Gala

The venue was divided into two distinct areas to separate the dual themed event. Upon arrival, the guests were greeted to a true Roaring Twenties atmosphere complete with red feather vignettes, silver candelabras draped with white pearls and black feather boas. A swing band played in the background as guests were offered a signature drink. As the guests approached the brick wall facade, they provided the doorman the secret password to enter through the door.

Mardi Gras Madness

A Carnival celebration well-known throughout the world.  The origins of the Mardi Gras we celebrate today, with Kings & Queens, Mardi Gras colors and brass bands, are traced to New Orleans.  Guests at this Holiday Party were able to customize their own mask and enjoy the Mardi Gras fever.

Winter Wonderland

When the client asked Bright Ideas to transform the venue into a Winter Wonderland, she got just that; a breathtaking winter scene complete with falling snow, ice bars, sparkling white birch trees and snowflake gobos.

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