Diane’s Surprise Vegas Party!

Diane was celebrating a Milestone Birthday and her family wanted to SURPRISE her with a customized Vegas Birthday Party.  She arrived at the venue for what she thought was a small family dinner and was greeted by over a hundred of her closest friends and family.  Her smile lasted the entire evening.

Diamonds Are Forever

Bond. James Bond. Renowned for debonair sophistication, dry martinis, and good luck, whether he’s charming a beautiful woman, or going all in at the Baccarat Table. For the Diamonds Are Forever event, Agent 007 was the inspiration to reimagine a long-time client’s annual staff party, with all the luxurious touches James would expect. Event branding, décor, cuisine, and entertainment all reflected the Bond reputation for style and glamour.

1920’s Soiree

The 1920’s Soiree Christmas staff event delivered all of the luxurious touches we had planned. Through strategic decisions regarding the décor, we created a colourful and elegant tableau for guests to enjoy a sophisticated and entertaining event.

Roaring Twenties

Three undercover coppers burst into the room and announced the Raid for giggle juice and other funny business.  They began checking for illegal alcohol consumption, Mafioso-types, and criminals of any kind!  They roughed some people up, frisked others, took bribes, and swept the unlucky ones up in the dragnet and deposited in the jail where they will have to be sprung through community services, bribery, or old-fashioned jailbreak.

The Great Gatsby Gala

The venue was divided into two distinct areas to separate the dual themed event. Upon arrival, the guests were greeted to a true Roaring Twenties atmosphere complete with red feather vignettes, silver candelabras draped with white pearls and black feather boas. A swing band played in the background as guests were offered a signature drink. As the guests approached the brick wall facade, they provided the doorman the secret password to enter through the door.

Go All In

Global software partners gathered for a fun filled Gala Awards Dinner at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Vancouver Hotel while enjoying a bit of friendly competition.

Simulcast of Synergy

The client was planning their annual staff awards evening. They needed to cut back on the expense of hosting all their employees at one location and wanted a team building component as part of the event.

Viva Las Vegas

The event was a holiday party with a Vegas twist!  Guests of this software company were divided into teams named after famous Las Vegas hotels. They gambled and competed all throughout the night to see which team would end up with the most money.

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