Diane’s Surprise Vegas Party!

Diane was celebrating a Milestone Birthday and her family wanted to SURPRISE her with a customized Vegas Birthday Party.  She arrived at the venue for what she thought was a small family dinner and was greeted by over a hundred of her closest friends and family.  Her smile lasted the entire evening.

The Garden of Eatin’

The objective of this Event Competition was to design a creative food display which was enticing. Guests entered the Art Gallery in awe as they were encouraged to take a wicker basket and “pick” their food from the living buffet.  We were pleased to accept the first place trophy for The Garden of Eatin’ buffet display.

Autumn Voyage

The deep colours of autumn and instantly recognizable Canadian icons such as the maple leaf and First Nations art were the inspiration for this décor theme. Our client wanted to offer guests an evening harbour cruise showcasing the most colourful season in our forests, along with a taste of the traditional and modern art from the West Coast.

Road Trip!

A great event is like a road trip. A few surprises turns average into extraordinary and makes for lasting memories. And the custom-designed and branded event for this client proved to be no exception. Their annual awards night event needed an overhaul.

Cowell Night Live

Cowell Night Live was an Annual Awards Night brought into the 21st Century! Bright Ideas took the age-old format of a Presenter announcing the Award Winners and getting their picture taken on stage to an all new level.

Diamonds Are Forever

Bond. James Bond. Renowned for debonair sophistication, dry martinis, and good luck, whether he’s charming a beautiful woman, or going all in at the Baccarat Table. For the Diamonds Are Forever event, Agent 007 was the inspiration to reimagine a long-time client’s annual staff party, with all the luxurious touches James would expect. Event branding, décor, cuisine, and entertainment all reflected the Bond reputation for style and glamour.

Art Unfolding

This event was held at the newly renovated event space in Yaletown. The objective of this event was to celebrate the Grand Opening of a new office in Vancouver. The space was filled with enlarged photographs of our client’s projects on easels, eloquent food stations with fresh florals and innovative bar selections.

High Tea at Ascot

“High Tea at Ascot” was a day fit for Kings and Queens. Guests arrived dressed in their best High Tea attire and were given a Racing Program for the Main Event.  Activities included Royal Nail Art, Ascot Fashion, Her Majesty’s Artist, The Tea House and Ascot Memories with the most popular of all being the hilarious Horse Races on Stick Horses. On your mark… get set…

Roaring Twenties

Three undercover coppers burst into the room and announced the Raid for giggle juice and other funny business.  They began checking for illegal alcohol consumption, Mafioso-types, and criminals of any kind!  They roughed some people up, frisked others, took bribes, and swept the unlucky ones up in the dragnet and deposited in the jail where they will have to be sprung through community services, bribery, or old-fashioned jailbreak.

Mumbai Delight

Founded in 1927, MDRT provides its members with resources to improve their technical knowledge, sales and client service while maintaining a culture of high ethical standards. In Vancouver, delegates were treated to a customized evening complete with Indian food and Bhangra Dancers.

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