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The holiday season is fast approaching. Here’s a quick checklist of the things you need to consider to ensure a perfect seasonal celebration.


checkmark icon Found and reserved a venue?

checkmark icon Chosen a menu (incl. veg option)?


checkmark icon Booked the entertainment?


checkmark icon Picked the decor?

Too much to handle on your own? Give us a call (604.303.7707) or email for a free consultation and no-obligation quote for your holiday season celebrations.

NEWSFLASH! E-Port Equals Excitement At Your Next Event

Give your guests instant access to social networks and make your next special event a viral sensation!

Bright Ideas is delighted to announce our latest partnership in the Special Events industry. We’ve teamed up with E-Port Systems to offer our clients a great way to bring an interactive, digital element to their next event.

Engage your guests with instant social networking, via the latest in touch-screen technology. Guests can use it to record a message – to email to friends, post to popular social networking sites such as Facebook or Youtube, and share their experiences with the world. A great way to make your marketing message go viral!

In addition, the E-Port system can be used by guests as an information and service kiosk, to check a schedule of events, leave a message for other attendees, enter their information for prize giveaways and surveys, make a donation, or place an order for products and services.

For event hosts, it’s an ideal method of combining marketing and entertainment, so your guests are sure to go home with the message you want them to get. The uses for this innovative technology are only limited by your imagination! Want to wow your guests with something new and exciting? An E-Port kiosk will have them lining up to try out the fun!

Ask The Event Planner

How do I decide what type of entertainment to choose for my event?

The first thing to do is to analyze what the purpose of the entertainment is.  Does the entertainment need to be engaging, or is it simply something going on in the background? Once you make that determination the rest is easier.

Once I have decided what type of entertainment I want, what should I do next?

Decide what role the entertainment will take in your event.  For example, is the customized Game Show the main focus of the event or is it one of several types of entertainment?  If it is the main focus of the event, don’t have other competing activities or entertainment occurring at the same time.

What is the difference between activities and entertainment?

Activities are something that your guests do and entertainment is something that your guests watch.

Should I include activities in my event plan as well as entertainment?

This is always a tricky situation and requires careful consideration. You must  not “overstimulate” your guests with so many things to do and see that it is not enjoyable.  The best thing to do is to have everyone watch the main entertainment attraction at one time and then afterwards have several activities going on at the same time.

I have a limited budget. What I should spend more on, décor or entertainment?

This is easy.  Spend more on entertainment & activities and less on décor.  Guests will certainly appreciate the décor treatment but will definitely remember the fun they had on stage playing Family Feud.

What is an example of an activity that 300 guests could do at the same time?

I have the perfect answer.  They should have PartyHats at their event as it is a creative, activity that is also a take home souvenir. And, it can be customized to suit the theme or corporate colours.

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