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Did you know that Sharon Bonner, CEO & President of Bright Ideas Event Coordinators Ltd, is not only an award winning event planner, but is also a registered certified Homeopath? She studied with the intention of treating animals with Homeopathy.A natural blonde, it is fitting that she is an avid Marilyn Monroe collector so much so that she named her precious pet after Marilyn Monroe.  She has a Mainecoon cat named Monroe.  Currently at 20 pounds and 3 years old, he is the love of her life.


Sharon also has an amazing green thumb and nurtures 87 orchids in her office alone. She has won many ribbons for her orchids and is a member of the Richmond Orchid Club.Balancing her creativity with sensibility, she still drives her 1997 Dodge Caravan because it still runs like a charm. When the time comes, she hopes her next vehicle will be her favorite colour, purple!

Her astrological sign is the water sign Pisces, and appropriately, she loves to be near the water. She loves traveling to islands and it is not a surprise that she fell in love with Italy and the stunning waterways of Venice in 2011.


Sharon feels that popcorn and a glass of perrier with lemon and ice is a perfectly awesome dinner. So be sure to chat with Sharon next time you see her at an ISES event or other industry events around town. If you are interesting enough, she may include you in the book she is currently writing!

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