Why enter industry event awards?

As I sit down this weekend to finalize our contest entry for the National Star Event Awards, I realize how valuable the process of writing a contest entry is. It’s a chance to scrutinize our work and really evaluate the pros and pros of an event. Strangely, I find this process therapeutic and good for business.

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Events

Being an event planner, I often come up with fun themed events for clients. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I figured I would share a fun list of unique Valentine’s Day event ideas. 1. Valentine’s Day Love Crawl

Join fellow Cupids in this very unique Love Crawl event.

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Bright Ideas Newsletter:
Volume 4, Issue 4 - December, 2013

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Email Newsletters Equal Results

Guest blog by Chris Keam

Email has been around for a long time – and while it may seem as though it’s been around forever, it’s been roughly 40 years since the first email was sent. This proves that the power of email is strong and will continue to stay as a top communication tool for the years to come.

Top 3 Event Themes For 2014

Corporate events may sound boring but with a good theme they surely guarantee a good time. Whether you stick with a traditional approach or step outside the box with an innovative twist, setting a theme

How to Make Your Event Entertaining

Without entertainment, your guests may suffer from boredom – which you obviously don’t want to happen at your event. When choosing entertainment for your upcoming event, whether it be a corporate event or celebration gathering with the entire family, there are a number of questions you will have to ask yourself. Right after booking a venue and developing a theme, choosing appropriate entertainment is the next biggest step.

Ask an Event Planner

Planning an event can be both daunting and exciting. While there are some fun perks to planning an event, such as previewing entertainment and tasting catering options – there are areas that will spark a few questions. A great opportunity that you have in my blog is to ask me.  My name is Sharon Bonner and I am the founder of Bright Ideas Events. I can answer any of your queries you may have involving event planning.


Crazy for Photo Booths!

 Say “Cheese!”  When I started my event planning business in 1989, Photo Booths were just that; a booth with a black curtain where you went inside to take photos.  The booth would print out a single strip of black and white pictures that took forever to print! But it was worth it.  We thought it was such a “Bright Idea”! I still have a photo strip sitting on my desk taken when I was 9 years old, when my sister and I went inside to take four wacky pictures.

Bright Ideas Newsletter:
Volume 4, Issue 3 - September, 2013

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