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Volume 5, Issue 2 - May, 2014

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3D Mapping – An Event Trend

Imagine your favourite event planner suggests using projections to decorate your next event. Doesn’t sound very innovative to you? Well, think again… in 3D!! 3D Event Mapping is the new event trend. Never heard of it? Then you should definitely check out this week’s blog!

Staff Appreciation Events are essential for your business

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees, but unfortunately, thank you goes unsaid too often. Remember that old adage about getting more flies with honey? Well, it’s true. Show your employees appreciation and treat them well, and you will notice the rewards.

Bright Idea: Make your event Moroccan!

Morocco is a place where West meets East, where the modern spirit is combined with traditional flair and a fascinating culture at the crossroads of the world has evolved through history. We think that Morocco provides an exotic motif for your next corporate event. Think of the sumptuous sights, sounds and smells of a traditional Moroccan feast!

Invite the LIGHT!

When you are planning an event, there are many things to be considered: You have to find the perfect venue, choose your theme, order the right food and create the customized gorgeous decor. But, there is another component that must not be underestimated: LIGHTING! Clever use of lighting can support your event theme and create an effective atmosphere in your venue. It can also minimize the need for other décor. You can illuminate room-filling effects with dramatic light.

We won the Top Choice Award 2014 – Your opinion matters!

This week’s big announcement is definitely a reason to celebrate! Bright Ideas has won the Top Choice Award 2014 for best event planner in Vancouver! After 25 years of event work, we are still excited and honoured when we are considered for a nomination and win an award. The Top Choice Awards 2014 is quite special for us. Here’s why: Top Choice Awards is an International Marketing Research Company headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario.

OH LA LA – La France

With over 9.5 million French-speaking people living in Canada (1/3 of the population) and thousands of French people applying for a Canadian visa every year, French influences are a big part of this big country. Legendary for romance and beauty, chic elegance, and delicious food and wine, France is an enduring source of inspiration for event planners.  A French theme event is a great choice if you want a truly memorable event for your guests.

High End Corporate Picnic Catering

With summer upon us, a sophisticated corporate picnic is the perfect way to reward the members of your organization. It can be a family-friendly event everyone can enjoy and yet be elegant and high-end at the same time – if you chose the right location, decor and catering.

Embracing the Exotic

A traditional summer theme such as a Western BBQ is a safe choice. But if you are inviting locals from around BC and Canada, chances are it won’t have the impact you’re looking for. When you’re trying to impress a sophisticated clientele, or break away from the ordinary, it’s time to let your imagination wander around the world. Add spice to your summer event with a theme set in an exotic or unusual locale. A great place to start is with the venue itself.

2014 Reader’s Choice Favourite Event Planner in Canada

It is with great pride that Bright Ideas is proud to announce we have been honoured with an award, as the 2014 Reader’s Choice favourite event planner in Canada! We are so proud and excited. This is a great recognition of our work and commitment.

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