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Reimagining The Annual Awards Night

Part 2 of 3 – Spontaneity. In the last article, we explained how Bright Ideas had been hired by a regional auto-sales company to innovate their Annual Awards Night. We outlined the Talk Show format we developed, with its professional MC, the Show’s ‘special guests’ being this year’s Award Winners

Reimagining the Annual Awards Night

Part 1 of 3 – Innovation. The keyword ‘innovation’ is being thrown around in corporate circles a lot recently. “Innovate the procurement process,” or “let’s insert some innovation in our product line-up.” Innovation is used to demonstrate to customers and clients how special and important they are. And this direction is showing up in the design of corporate events, too.

Grand Opening Success!

You’ve toiled and laboured through the ups and downs of expanding your company and you’re finally ready to throw open the doors of your new corporate space. You deserve nothing less than to be congratulated publicly during your special Grand Opening party when all eyes are on your

Smooth as Ice

This annual event which gathers employees & their families in an atmosphere that encourages guests to have fun while socializing with their co-workers, had its twists and turns. Because of the recent merger of corporate head office with its satellite companies, we received all guest lists in hard

Tropical Paradise Indeed!

This is your next corporate event. Summer or Winter. Annual Awards or Staff Christmas Party. 40 guests or 400 guests. The inspiration is endless, so at your next company function, take your guests to a Tropical Island Paradise!

Company Picnics – Themes are a MUST!

Summer Corporate Business Events can be an absolute blast! We don’t mean if your Annual General Meeting or Grand Opening happen to take place in the summer. We mean the good, old-fashioned Company Picnics.

It’s raining, so think Sunshine Events!

It’s winter on the West Coast. Which means rain. Lots of it. Instead of getting depressed over dreary weather, brighten your day a little by planning for your upcoming Corporate Summer Event. After all, if you want to ensure that you have a good selection of the best locations, caterers, and entertainers, now is the time to start getting organized.

2016 Colours of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

If Rose Quartz is a beautiful light pastel blush pink, then Serenity is its perfect match in the blue spectrum. And when used together, they create the perfect set: his and hers; warm and cool; passion and ease; energy and relaxation

Diamonds are Forever!

For their 60th Anniversary Christmas Event, our client wanted something new. In a flash of inspiration came an idea. Diamonds Are Forever! The perfect theme for a 60th (diamond) anniversary; a James Bond motif and an elegant night of fine food, fancy dress, and glamorous settings.

Jingle Bell Ball

The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau was originally established in 1930 as the Christmas Exchange. Today it serves as a centralized, year round toy warehouse for toys to be gathered, sorted, stored and shipped to Christmas Bureaus and Community agencies, across the entire metro Vancouver area. In an average year, they ship approximately 100,000 items and distribute toys, clothes and food vouchers to over a 1,000 low income families in Vancouver during the holidays.

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