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It’s raining, so think Sunshine Events!

It’s winter on the West Coast. Which means rain. Lots of it. Instead of getting depressed over dreary weather, brighten your day a little by planning for your upcoming Corporate Summer Event. After all, if you want to ensure that you have a good selection of the best locations, caterers, and entertainers, now is the time to start getting organized.

2016 Colours of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

If Rose Quartz is a beautiful light pastel blush pink, then Serenity is its perfect match in the blue spectrum. And when used together, they create the perfect set: his and hers; warm and cool; passion and ease; energy and relaxation

Diamonds are Forever!

For their 60th Anniversary Christmas Event, our client wanted something new. In a flash of inspiration came an idea. Diamonds Are Forever! The perfect theme for a 60th (diamond) anniversary; a James Bond motif and an elegant night of fine food, fancy dress, and glamorous settings.

Jingle Bell Ball

The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau was originally established in 1930 as the Christmas Exchange. Today it serves as a centralized, year round toy warehouse for toys to be gathered, sorted, stored and shipped to Christmas Bureaus and Community agencies, across the entire metro Vancouver area. In an average year, they ship approximately 100,000 items and distribute toys, clothes and food vouchers to over a 1,000 low income families in Vancouver during the holidays.

Tropical Team Building

Our client wanted a tropical twist with a chance to incorporate team building into the evening. Bright Ideas Events came up with a combination of a Hawaiian theme, along with Survivor-style team competitions, creating a fun-filled evening that strengthened the bonds of camaraderie between co-workers.

Top 10 Holiday Event Themes!

Summer is over and the Holiday Season is fast approaching. If you want to host an event that motivates and inspires your staff, you need to you need to start planning now!

A Roaring Speakeasy!

Imagine this…The spacious train station would be split in two by the impressive décor, and two variations on a Roaring Twenties theme party would double the fun within the same event. Guests got their first taste of the theme when they boarded the vintage trolley bus shuttling them to the venue.

50th Business Anniversary Celebration

After 50 years of operation, the client for this event had a lot of history to share and many of its members weren’t born when the club opened. Giving them a walk down memory lane, without it turning into a boring history lesson, was the goal for this fiftieth anniversary celebration.

Bring Miami to Your Event!

The guests of honor would have loved to celebrate their engagement in Miami. That wasn’t possible. Bringing a taste of South Beach to the Pacific Northwest however, was no problem…Glass columns on each side of the entrance were topped by stunning floral arrangements in square vases.

‘Giving Tuesday’ is Tuesday, December 01, 2015

We may be heading into fall, but now is actually the perfect time to start thinking about how your nonprofit or company would like to participate in giving back. Whether you’re new to Giving Tuesday, or have participated before, it’s time to

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