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Autumn Voyage

Few things are quite as Canadian as the changing colors of autumn. Rich-hued maple leaves heralding the fall season are distinctive emblems, central to our national identity both at home and abroad.

Hire us NOW for your Holiday Party!

Can you believe it? It’s July already and before you know it, the Holiday Season will be upon you. Are you ready? Is the planning for your corporate Christmas Party almost wrapped up? If that question just caused you minor heart palpitations, we’re sincerely sorry. But we’re also here to help.

Canada Day Carnival!

So you want to take your company staff to the PNE but you don’t want them to stand in line and fight the crowds? They don’t have to. We will bring the carnival TO YOU just like we did for our client!

Fairway of Flavours!

Our client wanted to honour the contributions of an employee that had been with the company for 40 years. They also wanted the event to highlight his interests away from the office. That meant showcasing four decades of dedication… and a passion for golf and Arizona.

Plan The Best Event Ever!

A unique western town was constructed where guests could roam throughout the town and socialize. The event space was divided into 3 décor and activity zones, so that it was like having three events in one! Zone 1 offered Food & Beverages, Zone 2 hosted the Saloon (bar & gambling) & Zone 3 showcased the Awards Theatre.

Dance and Cry – It’s GOOD For You!

You may think your team doesn’t have time for a Team Building activity. Studies show that Spring is the time when team building activities are the most valuable. A few hours spent out of the office can rejuvenate relationships, energize & re-engage employees, and increase productivity.

Gardening Green Picnic

A huge trend that Bright Ideas is noticing recently is a request for a touch of real nature at our clients’ Corporate Events. Something green, something sustainable, something like a Gardening Green Picnic to remind us of the beautiful locale and environment we live in.

Benefits of Hiring Bright Ideas – Part 2

We’re about to give you three more reasons, rounding out all aspects from creativity to industry connections, from ‘bang for buck’ to taking on the planning workload, and how all of this investment actually adds value to your company. We’re going to demonstrate that there’s just no event

Benefits to Hiring Bright Ideas – Part 1

So if you’ve started thinking about this summer’s Company Picnic and you’ve been inspired by any of our blog ideas, we want to work with you to throw the best Summer Corporate Event your company has had yet, because we’re full of, well, Bright Ideas!

Big Top Celebration

So you want your next corporate event to be big. You want it to be over the top! You want it to be a celebration of everything that’s big and over the top! We think you want your next event to be a Big Top Celebration!

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