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Benefits of Hiring Bright Ideas – Part 2

We’re about to give you three more reasons, rounding out all aspects from creativity to industry connections, from ‘bang for buck’ to taking on the planning workload, and how all of this investment actually adds value to your company. We’re going to demonstrate that there’s just no event

Benefits to Hiring Bright Ideas – Part 1

So if you’ve started thinking about this summer’s Company Picnic and you’ve been inspired by any of our blog ideas, we want to work with you to throw the best Summer Corporate Event your company has had yet, because we’re full of, well, Bright Ideas!

Big Top Celebration

So you want your next corporate event to be big. You want it to be over the top! You want it to be a celebration of everything that’s big and over the top! We think you want your next event to be a Big Top Celebration!

Summer Event Checklist

Outdoor events are a cost-effective way to host a large group. Add in some blue skies and delicious BBQ goodies and you have a guaranteed all-ages crowd-pleaser. But, if you are planning on hosting a Corporate Event this summer, it’s already time to finalize your preparations.

Think Summer Events Now!

It had been decided months prior to the event by the company owners that they would like to integrate a family reunion into their annual corporate event. We wanted a theme that would allow the guests from France the opportunity to experience a taste of the West Coast.

Bright Ideas Winning Events!

In some ways, creating a spectacular event is the easy part. With the right budget and a talented event producer, amazing results are a simple matter of careful planning and execution. However, getting people to show up can be the real challenge. Without an effective marketing effort it can be difficult to build the ‘buzz’ before the event that ensures a full guest list and lots of positive comments after it’s over.

Hosting Your Event This Spring

The cherry blossoms are out, the daffodils are gorgeous, and the robins are singing again! We’re only two weeks into Spring, so in this blog Bright Ideas Events wants to share with you the best insider tips we use to make our Spring events a huge success.

Reimagining The Annual Awards Night

Part 3 of 3 – Teamwork. When we brainstormed about a LIVE Talk Show, we knew we needed our industry partners supporting us for the concept to be successful. Selling the event design was, it turned out, easy. The real-time voting software developers were PSYCHED because no one had ever done this type of audience control before

Reimagining The Annual Awards Night

Part 2 of 3 – Spontaneity. In the last article, we explained how Bright Ideas had been hired by a regional auto-sales company to innovate their Annual Awards Night. We outlined the Talk Show format we developed, with its professional MC, the Show’s ‘special guests’ being this year’s Award Winners

Reimagining the Annual Awards Night

Part 1 of 3 – Innovation. The keyword ‘innovation’ is being thrown around in corporate circles a lot recently. “Innovate the procurement process,” or “let’s insert some innovation in our product line-up.” Innovation is used to demonstrate to customers and clients how special and important they are. And this direction is showing up in the design of corporate events, too.

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