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Be A Good Boss!

Entrepreneurs often neglect to offer proper appreciation to their employees. Paying your staff to do their job might be the core sign of respect, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for recognition, praise, and thanks. Be a good Boss! A study conducted by Journal of Business and Economics shows numerous ways in which staff appreciation benefits your company.

Rock N Roll BBQ

I’ll bet you didn’t know that, even in the Event Producing world, we’re very competitive. Every year, several industry organizations host competitions into which Event Planners can enter a recently completed events as we did with Rock N Roll BBQ on the Beach.

Event Coordination is tough!

Event Coordination might appear as a piece of cake and you may think just any Event Coordinator would do a good job, but that’s already two things you’re wrong about. Event Coordination is a stressful task and only true professionals recognized for their success are the ones who can do it properly. Call Bright Ideas for an award winning event!

Why Host A Client Appreciation?

What does an age-old expression have to do with your party budget?  Every company has customers, and this week, Bright Ideas is going to share with you why the Perfect Client Appreciation Event is the proverbial stone that kills two birds when it comes to spending your company’s event funds wisely.  Here are the W5’s that double both to thank your existing clientele and to make your client list grow.

Mardi Gras Madness!!!

Anyone who has planned a memorable event knows this: the theme is the most important decision you’ll ever make during the whole planning process. A good theme, like Mardi Gras Madness is one that you can incorporate into every little aspect of your event. And most importantly, a good theme is one that your guests embrace because they really understand it!

Planning for Bad Weather

Planning for Bad Weather When You Plan Your Outdoor Event There’s a definite reason that event planners and producers spend so much time planning. They are fully aware of the fact they can’t control everything, especially the weather. The skies can quickly turn from bright blue to something that looks apocalyptic, and we can’t always rely on the weather forecast. Nature is unpredictable, so we have to be ready for it.

Go Green for Corporate Events

Go Green for Memorable Corporate Events Green is more than just the color of money and success; it is also the most popular trend for any type of corporate event, project, or gala.

Corporate Culinary Chaos!

Culinary game show style corporate events are hot right now.  Really hot!  Not a sleezy, 70s knockoff gig, but a well-planned, all-hands-on-deck style competition that leaves guests breathless at your dedication to their fun.  This week, Bright Ideas is going to explain what is a Culinary Chaos game show event.  Let’s see what’s behind Door Number 1! Not only did we ensure there were endless canapes and entrees for days.

BI Does Private Events

It’s true.  Week after week we tell you about the award-winning corporate events Bright Ideas has been producing for 30 years.  But we’re not hired just for Annual Staff Christmas Parties, Grand Openings, and Client Appreciation Events. Private Events Bright Ideas does Read more →

Love Blossoms in the Garden

Outdoor Garden Weddings Outdoor garden weddings carry an air of fairy-tale magic. Brides, grooms, and guests fall under the spell of the allure of a beautiful garden ceremony, surrounded by nature, flowers, and fresh air. There is no better way to begin a life together than with Mother Nature and all her glory and support.

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