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Planning an event can be both daunting and exciting. While there are some fun perks to planning an event, such as previewing entertainment and tasting catering options – there are areas that will spark a few questions. A great opportunity that you have in my blog is to ask me.  My name is Sharon Bonner and I am the founder of Bright Ideas Events. I can answer any of your queries you may have involving event planning.


Crazy for Photo Booths!

 Say “Cheese!”  When I started my event planning business in 1989, Photo Booths were just that; a booth with a black curtain where you went inside to take photos.  The booth would print out a single strip of black and white pictures that took forever to print! But it was worth it.  We thought it was such a “Bright Idea”! I still have a photo strip sitting on my desk taken when I was 9 years old, when my sister and I went inside to take four wacky pictures.

Did You Know This About Sharon?

Did you know that Sharon Bonner, CEO & President of Bright Ideas Event Coordinators Ltd, is not only an award winning event planner, but is also a registered certified Homeopath? She studied with the intention of treating animals with Homeopathy.A natural blonde, it is fitting that she is an avid Marilyn Monroe collector so much so that she named her precious pet after Marilyn Monroe.  She has a Mainecoon cat named Monroe.

Top Three Summer Event Ideas

With summer just around the corner, we wanted to feature some great last minute summer event ideas. Most events require lots of lead time to organize, but even if you’ve put off arranging a spring or summer event until now, there are still ways to host an event that looks like it was months in the planning! Read more →

Create a Buzz with Social Media

Consider integrating an event ‘hashtag’ (example: #yourevent) into your marketing material, and encourage guests to use that hashtag while sharing pictures on various social media channels.

Getting Started in the Industry

Sharon Bonner has made Bright Ideas Event Coordinators one of Canada’s top corporate event production companies. With decades of experience in the industry, her knowledge, contacts, and creativity are the key ingredients in Bright Ideas Events’ outstanding corporate events.

Marketing Your Event for Maximum Fun

In some ways, creating a spectacular event is the easy part. With the right budget and a talented event producer, amazing results are a simple matter of careful planning and execution. However, getting people to show up can be the real challenge.

Social Media for Special Events

Social Media is now an integral part of the special event landscape. We’ve asked social media specialist Michelle Bucher to tell us how you can use it to build buzz around your event, both before the big day, and during the event itself.

outdoor event

Planning for Summer Events Starts Now

Outdoor events are a cost-effective way to host a large group. Add in some blue skies and delicious barbequed goodies and you have a guaranteed all-ages crowd-pleaser. But, if you are planning on hosting a corporate event this summer, it’s already time to finalize your preparations. Here’s what you need to know:

First of all, you need two plans. One for sun and one for rain.

Groovy bbq

Bright Ideas Feature Themed Events

With summer just around the corner, outdoor event planning is in full swing. Today we feature 3 of our top themed events.

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