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Invite the LIGHT!

When you are planning an event, there are many things to be considered: You have to find the perfect venue, choose your theme, order the right food and create the customized gorgeous decor. But, there is another component that must not be underestimated: LIGHTING! Clever use of lighting can support your event theme and create an effective atmosphere in your venue. It can also minimize the need for other décor. You can illuminate room-filling effects with dramatic light.

OH LA LA – La France

With over 9.5 million French-speaking people living in Canada (1/3 of the population) and thousands of French people applying for a Canadian visa every year, French influences are a big part of this big country. Legendary for romance and beauty, chic elegance, and delicious food and wine, France is an enduring source of inspiration for event planners.  A French theme event is a great choice if you want a truly memorable event for your guests.

High End Corporate Picnic Catering

With summer upon us, a sophisticated corporate picnic is the perfect way to reward the members of your organization. It can be a family-friendly event everyone can enjoy and yet be elegant and high-end at the same time – if you chose the right location, decor and catering.

Embracing the Exotic

A traditional summer theme such as a Western BBQ is a safe choice. But if you are inviting locals from around BC and Canada, chances are it won’t have the impact you’re looking for. When you’re trying to impress a sophisticated clientele, or break away from the ordinary, it’s time to let your imagination wander around the world. Add spice to your summer event with a theme set in an exotic or unusual locale. A great place to start is with the venue itself.

Top Summer Event Trends

When creating a successful corporate event, three elements are crucial — the menu, decor, and entertainment. That’s why we’re always interested in the latest trends for these three elements. We believe the ideas highlighted in this blog post will be big hits this summer. Food and Drink It’s more than a passing trend. These days guests expect to be served local foods and beverages at events.

Adventures in India

Movies are a great inspiration for theme parties. But are you looking for something fresh? How about less Hollywood, more Bollywood? India’s rich culture is a great starting place for a beautiful themed event. It is a colorful country, from its food to its dress, vibrant colors abound and play a huge role. There are several ways to incorporate an Indian theme into food, decor, wardrobe and activities at a corporate event.

The Beauty of Brazil

We have always considered Brazil to be a beautiful place on earth. When we think about Brazil, we think about wonderful beaches, lush jungles, music full of joy and hot rhythms, and of course, Carnival. Now with the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaching, the reputation of Brazil is enhanced and the country hopes to solidify its reputation as a global up-and-comer.

Summer 2014 – “Hot Pink Event Ideas”

There’s still snow on the local mountains, but we’re already planning “Hot Pink Events” for the summer. Why? Because looking ahead is a key tactic for successful and cost-effective corporate events. So, when we are looking for the latest trends in events, it’s not just for inspiration. Innovative and leading-edge events provide guests with a unique experience they don’t forget. That means maximum impact for your budget.

6 Tips for the PERFECT Summer Party

1. INVITATIONSIt is best to email or mail a “SAVE THE DATE” announcement 6 weeks in advance.  This gives your guests time to plan for the event in advance.  Email or mail the actual invitation 3 weeks in advance.  Nowadays, most invitations are digital, although it’s still nice to get a hard copy of the invitation in the mail. It provides a reminder to guests, as well as having all pertinent information such as address, time, dress, etc.

Why enter industry event awards?

As I sit down this weekend to finalize our contest entry for the National Star Event Awards, I realize how valuable the process of writing a contest entry is. It’s a chance to scrutinize our work and really evaluate the pros and pros of an event. Strangely, I find this process therapeutic and good for business.

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