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Christmas Around the World

One of the most intricate and customized events that Bright Ideas has recently produced was called ‘Christmas Around the World.’ It involved an incredible quantity and variety of suppliers, developing a rotating schedule of performances on multiple stages, creating mini-themes that were each completely different while remaining culturally authentic, and sourcing decor to suit each one.

3 FUN “Bright Ideas” for your next event!

Bright Ideas Event Coordinators knows the challenges when it comes to hosting conventions and corporate events. Jam-packed event schedules, multiple commitments, countless dinners, and lots of sitting and listening for

Tis’ the Season to be “Scary”!!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and event themes. There are so many avenues for creativity available when planning Halloween events. From barrels of fake blood to spider webs, movie props to real haunted venues, at Bright Ideas we love exploring our creepy side during Halloween season.

Three Great Fall Event Inspirations

Seriously! When else can you wear shorts or trousers; a t-shirt or a sweater; a coat or no coat? The choices are endless, the temperatures are perfect, and it’s a GREAT time of year to celebrate just about anything. Whether you’re hosting a staff luncheon Thanksgiving party, celebrating excellence in your workplace at your annual Awards Ceremony, or hosting your Annual General Meeting, here are three Bright Ideas to ‘allspice’ up your autumnal merrymaking.

It’s a “Bright Idea” to Hire A Professional Event Planner

Planning a Holiday Party may seem straightforward, but really it’s not. There’s more to it than renting a venue and handing out Christmas carol lyric sheets.

Expertise + Creativity = A Bright Ideas Production

What do you do? We get asked that question a lot. That’s okay. Event production encompasses a lot of jobs and many kinds of special events. It also involves a myriad of tasks.

Gatsby Gala a ‘Great’ Success

It’s a classic novel set in a famous era. And the opulence of the Roaring Twenties is also a great theme for a corporate event! Our Great Gatsby Gala is quickly becoming one of our most popular themes. This event – held in the expansive setting of the Rocky Mountaineer train station

Appreciate Your Clients by Showing You Care!

There’s a real value in creating a human bond between your business and the clients you service. An Appreciation Event lets you create personal connections and transform your company from just another faceless supplier to an organization staffed by individuals that understands their corporate goals and company values.

Want a “Bright Idea” for your upcoming Holiday Event?

It’s the time to start thinking about Christmas in the event planning world in Vancouver. If you want your company’s Holiday Season Event to be a success, you should be too. Holiday parties are changing and evolving.

Tis the Season…to Start Planning!

Start Now for Holiday Event Excellence Summer isn’t over, but believe it or not, it’s the time of the year to start organizing your Christmas party. The holiday season is fast approaching. If you want to host an event that motivates and inspires your staff, you need to you need to start planning now! It doesn’t matter if this is your 50th office celebration, or the first, one thing is certain – you need to make it memorable.

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