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We even tried our hand at selling pizza during the First Night New

Years' Celebration. We were all over the place. We learned a lot this

first year. The most important lesson I can remember? Thank goodness
we had a business plan. It was

our road map as we navigated

our way through the
unchartered waters of event

planning. My partner had

some previous event planning
experience but I had none. We

had no idea what was in store

for us and at many times felt
like packing it in.

For me however, coming from an entrepreneurial family, I was
handling the stress of running a business much better than my

partner. She was accustomed to regular paychecks, holidays, company

benefits, weekends – you know - all the things that come with a regular
9 to 5 job. Me – I was loving the unknown. I was in my element!

Bright Ideas Tip:

Make sure you have a solid business plan to guide you through

unchartered waters. Without it, we wouldn’t have survived this first


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