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In our first year of business the

most frequently requested

corporate events at the time were
Golf Tournaments, Boat Cruises,

and Company Picnics. In addition,

we managed to coordinate a few
Weddings and Private Parties.

We were trying everything and

anything to get experience and bring in some revenue.

We also tried our hand at public events, such as the Downtown

Economic Development Society (D.E.E.D.S.) trade show, which offered

young entrepreneurs on Vancouver's East Side an opportunity to
promote their business. This was so good for us. Here we were, a new

company ourselves and we were putting on a trade show for young
entrepreneurs just like us!

The trade show was very

successful and gave us the
confidence to continue

planning events. We

chartered boats and sold
tickets to the public for

such cruise events as
Oktoberfest, Symphony of

Fire, and the Carol Ships.

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