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Chapter One - 1988

Two Women and a Business Plan

It’s 1988. This was the birth of Bright Ideas Event Coordinators Ltd. I
can’t believe 25 years has gone by since we started this adventure. It

has been an amazing experience. I thought that I would share my

event planning thoughts, tips, ideas, and secrets over the past two
decades and explain how I got to where I am today. Believe me it's been

quite a journey, so let me begin by telling you how it all started 25

years ago.

I have been asked a million times about the kind of schooling or

experience I have. What would you think if I said I had neither? I

started my first business when I was a young girl of 8 years old and
sold my first business when I was 18. Neither of them had anything to

do with event planning. They

both had a common
denominator though; I was good

at making lists and organizing

things. And I could sell –
anything! My mom said I could

sell snow to an Eskimo. The gift

of the gab she called it.

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