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ow! If someone told me twenty five years ago that I

would be writing a Preface to my 25 Anniversary

Book today, I would have wondered if they were crazy. But
here I am. And what a joyous adventure it has been!

The past two and a half decades have strengthened my belief in

the importance of great relationships and the true value of

teamwork. You all have played a role in making Bright Ideas

what it is today; an award winning event production company.

Thank you for your business, your trust, your loyalty, your

belief in my creativity, and for being a part of this great


It’s not a cliché to say I could not have done it without you. I

hope you enjoy reading about my journey from the 1980’s until

today. I am looking forward to sharing my “Bright Ideas” with

you for another 25 years!


Sharon Bonner
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