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Chapter Three - 1990

Building With A Little Help From Bill Gates

Despite the turmoil of the year before, I truly believed that Bright Ideas

was going to be all right and that the company would be successful. I

don’t know why I believed that, but I
did. My family and friends were not so

confident, probably because they didn’t

have the same dream and vision I did.
By now I had discovered my career

goal. I wanted to be a Corporate Event
Planner. It sure sounded good

anyways. All I needed was some event

jobs and I would be all set.

I was sitting on the beach with a

girlfriend in the spring of 1990. She

was asking me what I was going to do
about my business situation. I told

her that I wasn’t worried in the least.

Good things were coming my way.
She shrugged her shoulders and I am sure she thought I was

delusional. How could I say this when my situation was so dismal? I

don’t know. But it was how I honestly felt.

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