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The next thing I did was

reinvent our brand.

I was tired of people
calling me for lighting

fixtures and lamps. This

was happening because
our logo had an electrical

cord in it and there was

a lighting shop on in
Vancouver called “Bright Ideas”. I had lots of “bright ideas” but they

sure didn't have much to do with lighting. I decided to keep the same

corporate colors, teal and fuchsia. Remember – it was 1990. These
colors were HOT!

Then I thought a lot about the brand I wanted to project to my target
market of corporations. I settled on a rising sun peaking over the

horizon. To me it symbolized strength, freshness, brightness, clarity,

inspiration, hope. And the sun
was sitting above the name,

Bright Ideas Events, so it was

in a nice way illuminating the
company. I loved it!

I also made up these cute
customized Thank You cards

(see left) that I sent to anyone

who would meet with me.

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