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P. 11
As tensions built

between my partner
and I due to the

unstable business

situation, we realized
we needed to change

things. We tried

different sales and
marketing strategies,

but nothing really

seemed to alleviate
the stress and uncertainty. Finally something broke. My partner

wanted to fold the company. I didn’t. She wanted me to buy her out. I

said, “We don’t have any assets. We own 40 white sweatshirts and a
Tug of War Rope!"

So we split the sweatshirts and I paid her for the Tug of War Rope.
Sadly, our friendship ended with the partnership. It was a hard day, as

I mourned the loss of my friend's support and Bright Ideas as I had

known it. Still, I looked onwards - to a brighter future for me and my
new company.

I did two things immediately. Analyze the types of events we had
produced in our inaugural year to see which were the most profitable.

It was definitely Corporate Events.

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